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Imprendere nel XXI Secolo

The world has changed a lot in the past 25 years. A change that has meant malaise for an increasing number of people who have seen their economy decrease more and more in recent years.

Wellness, freedom and prosperity have become a luxury for very few, for those who know the system and know how to exploit it.

Doing business in the world today has become very difficult, if not impossible. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are under siege by a system that aims to eliminate them.

The most important difference, which many struggle to understand, is that if before it was enough to guarantee a dignified life and to meet the needs of the family, today this is no longer possible. In a world where you are also taxed for the air you breathe and where if you don’t have a lot of money you have no right, aiming to make a lot of money has become an obligation.

Knowing the system is fundamental to be able to aspire to well-being and freedom, not only financial. Those who know him get richer with each passing year while all the others survive to make others richer, 20% of the world population who own 90% of the markets and the total wealth of the earth. The secret of success in the 21st century is to be one of these very few. It can be done if you know how to exploit the financial system and if you know how to do business on a major brand level.

I know the system very well, and after twenty years between Big Corporations and high finance, I have decided to return to Italy with a plan that I want to share with other Italians.

If you don't have a plan, you will most likely end up falling victim to someone else's plan. And guess what they have in store for you? Not much!

Jim Rohn

Aree di Competenza


The company is a set of resources acquired and managed in order to achieve a predetermined goal. Knowing how to recognize, acquire and manage valuable resources is the work of an entrepreneur, whose goal must be to increase the value of your company more and more. My entrepreneurial experience began in the late 1980s in Prato in the manufacturing textile sector and continues today as a business developer on behalf of G&G Group Biz Inc., a company with international law of which I am president.


The only way to get rich in the 21st century is to use companies as a means of exploiting the financial system. Knowing how to do it means maximizing the return on investment, while protecting yourself from taxation. Few know how to do it, and these gentlemen make money even while they sleep. I have worked alongside these internationally renowned millionaires, investors and entrepreneurs, for almost fifteen years, from whom I have learned all there is to know in order to aspire to financial freedom.


In the era of global markets, marketing is responsible for a company's success and failure. My skills range from market analysis, to the development of promotion strategies and sales networks, including e-commerce, to the organization of promotional events, to the artistic direction for the creation of promotional and sales tools. Since 1988 I have been working in advertising, starting in Italy first as a photographer, then as a 2D and 3D graphic designer, to then become artistic director for important US, European and Asian advertising agencies, where I have covered analysis, coordination and directional roles.

Information Technology

Information Technology (IT) is the study (especially computers and telecommunications) for the storage, reception and sending of information. In the era of global markets, IT plays a key role in managing resources and growing a business.


Born in ’68, born and raised in Prato, Tuscany, by a father of southern origins and a mother of German origins, who raised my sister and me under the banner of freedom and discipline.

Workaholic, passionate about photography, music, fishing, motors and aviation… Keep reading…


Capitalism is really the problem?

The world is going through a very bad time. Over the years, for the past twenty-five years, more and more people are getting worse, while fewer and fewer people are getting better. It is fashionable to assert that the problem is capitalism, or rather in the capitalist economic system. It is said that “capitalism is a guillotine on people’s necks”. But are we sure that capitalism is the real problem? Are we sure that the root of the problem is really capitalism? I really do not think so. Go on…





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