Since the advent of globalization, doing business became much more profitable but also much more difficult. Successful companies are those that can count on excellent resources that make them compete against the big corporations and the big names on both local and global markets.

Employed in a variety of industries, my job includes seeking out new business opportunities for the organizations and companies.

I participate in the creation and development of companies directed to local and global markets providing consultation, services and products that will ensure maximum productivity and growth.

I develop, coordinate and implement plans designed to increase business and capture new opportunities.

I am charge of the development of products and services, the creation of marketing strategies, negotiating and closing deals with strategic partners, the selection, recruiting and management of human resources.

From project and executive planning to marketing, to technology and human resources (selection and recruiting), I can provide my clients and/or partners with all they need to start competing with the biggest companies and established names on local and global markets.