Born in 1968, born and raised in Prato, Tuscany, by a father of southern origins and a mother of German origins, who raised my sister and me under the banner of freedom and discipline.

Workaholic, passionate about photography, music, fishing, engines and planes, and entrepreneurship.

Born and raised in Prato, where at the age of twenty, I started my entrepreneurial career in a family business in the textile sector. A few years were enough to understand that the entrepreneurial, financial, legislative and judicial system were rotten. We invested more time and energy in unraveling the problems than that invested in the production and development of the company. The passion for entrepreneurship was very strong, and therefore I left the flaws to my father, while I devoted myself to production and representation. At the same time I devoted myself to photography, video productions, computer graphics and music, as a hobby and also as a second job.

After the cessation of companies and after a few years working as a sales agent for alarm systems, furniture and office machines companies, at the end of December 1997 I moved to New York, where after a few months of work as a bus- boy (brings dishes, bread and water) in Italian restaurants, and with a very good level of written English, I found full-time employment in a multimedia production and web development company. Hence the rise in the marketing and multimedia production sector, and then in television and entertainment, where within 4 years I came to hold coordination, managerial and managerial roles.

A fortuitous encounter with an illustrious personage in the film and music sector opened the doors to me in the elite environment. In a short time I gained the trust of important personalities in finance and government, media conglomerate (media conglomerate), and in the music and cinema industries.

In 2005, I left those circles for moral reasons, giving up six-figure compensation per year.

At the beginning of 2006, I returned to Italy to start Tuscan Jewels, a real estate agency for the promotion of prestigious properties in Tuscany in the world, a brand that will then develop in various other sectors.

In 2009 I started a project in the flight simulation sector, a project that I carried out for three years from the Philippines, where I stayed until 2014, the year I returned to the United States, where I stayed for two years.

In 2016 he returned to Italy to start a series of entrepreneurial projects and training young aspiring entrepreneurs.