We are at the end of a cycle that lasted almost a hundred years, through which billions of men were transformed into non-rebellious obedient slaves, and we are at the beginning of a new cycle, which will last another hundred years, through which the slaves will be eliminated, because no longer useful .

There are two worlds on the same planet; one is that of the masses and the other is the world of the elite. The first are the slaves, who have been busy all their lives to make the others feel better and better, their masters, in fact, who are the second, those of the elite.

You can save yourself by joining the elite.

I know how to do it and I want to tell as many people as possible, because the more people will know, the more people will be able to save themselves from what is about to happen, which all things considered we can call the Universal Flood.

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Sincerely and best wishes to everyone, regardless.