Wealth Distribution Inequality

The distribution of wealth has reached a very dramatic level of inequality.

This video explains the situation very well.

In summary, 10% of the population has come to own 90% of the total wealth of the earth, while 90% of the population is flapping about the crumbs, 10% of the total wealth. A third of the world’s population lives below the poverty line, and although this figure corresponds to the global situation, Italy is not far from these numbers.

We are in a terrible state, and although the situation cannot be restored to the levels of twenty or twenty five years ago, something can be done to improve the economic conditions of many Italians, but we must move quickly and quickly, because in 2-3 years at most , a new economy will come into force, that of exchanges between artificial intelligence, and from that moment the value of human resources, the value of man, will drop dramatically. Meanwhile, citizenship has already been granted to a first robot. The country is the Arab Emirates and the robot is Sophia.

Crypto-currencies, the electronic currency like Bitcoin and others, will be the currency of exchange between Artificial Intelligences.

We have reached this level of inequality in the distribution of wealth over the course of a century, and it is all the result of a plan developed between the first and second world wars, the Plan for the New World Order , a totalitarian government that will foresee a single state for all the countries of the world , a new constitution that will divide the world in two, the world of the slave masses and the world of the ruling elite.

Over the years, more and more people have seen their economy decrease, and it is all the consequence of a financial, economic and institutional mechanism that has allowed fewer and fewer people to get richer and richer, while everyone else, the people, became increasingly poor. It is a mechanism based on fraud and lies. People have been deceived about almost everything about life, 360 °, and also about productivity, in the sense that people have been educated to function against their own interest and in the interest of others. People have been lied to at an unimaginable level, and on these lies people have built a belief that leads nowhere, if not to become slaves of those who instead know the truth, the truths that allow you to live at maximum expression and create well-being.

The distribution of wealth is the consequence of a global deception of disproportionate dimensions, an incomprehensible deception for many, how large and profound are the lies, and how complex the deceptive mechanism is.

The mechanism is what many know as the system. The system is criminal, because it is based on the principle that the well-being of the elite is the consequence of the malaise of the masses, but however detrimental it may be to humanity, no one can ever change it, because the masters, the creators of the System and those who benefit from it, are very powerful and will never allow anyone to get in the way of their plan for the New World Order . In the past, several have tried, one of all John Fitzgerald Kennedy (JFK) when in 1968 he denounced the System, the plan for the New World Order, the criminals who had built it and all those who were benefiting from it. Back then, governments were still organizations made up of people who cared about the good of the countries they were called to govern, but the world has changed a lot since then, and governments have become criminal organizations,managed by paid offenders to make life more and more impossible for citizens and to pave the way for psychopaths with delusions of domination who consider people as worker ants or slaughter cows. For this reason people are getting worse, for this reason Small and Medium-sized enterprises are disappearing and for this reason we have come to a social degradation that to call vomiting is an understatement.
The nation states no longer exist, and the New World Order will soon be announced after a very bad phase that will serve as a catalyst for the separation of the two social classes into two worlds, that of the masses of slaves and that of the wealthy elite.

If there is a solution to restore the balance of wealth distribution, this is to put at least 20% of the people who belong to the mass society, in the position of becoming great entrepreneurs, so as to be able to create companies that employ a large number of people. , removing them from the clutches of multinationals that offer work for starvation payments and on very precarious conditions. Maybe it’s pure utopia, but it’s the only hope for the people, the only hope to be able to fight the forces of evil.

People have been brought up to see money as the devil and have been indoctrinated to believe that anyone who is making money is an avid pig who doesn’t care about people. The truth is the opposite, namely that money has become extremely important in order to be able to live well nowadays, and whoever aims to make many is someone who wants to create job opportunities for many people.

In today’s world there is only one way to make money legally and legitimately, and this is how elite millionaires know who make money even while they sleep.
The middle class no longer exists and in the near future, the world will be divided between poor and super rich. This means that if you want to feel good, you must aim to make millions.

People have become incompatible with wealth and well-being, because of a psychological conditioning that is part of the above plan, the plan through which 1% of the world’s population has managed to take possession of everything and everyone on the land.
We have come to the end of a cycle that lasted a hundred years, a cycle through which people have been reduced to the minimum terms in terms of intellectual, mental and productivity skills in general, and we are at the beginning of a new cycle through which the world population will decrease, also according to the plan for the New World Order. It’s called Agenda 21, and is a program embraced by all the leaders of all the countries of the world, a program that foresees measures to contain demographic development, down to the reduction of the world population by 90% and perhaps more. The masses, of course, are the ones who will leave. It will take another century, but it will come.

All this can be considered both as the worst of crimes against humanity by many, while others consider it a noble plan to improve humanity and life on earth.

Regardless of what you may think about it, the fact is that this transition phase between the two cycles, the phase that has just started with the measures for the prevention of CoronaVirus, which is nothing more than a seasonal influence passed off for bubonic plague, it will be a terrible phase, very traumatic for many, especially for people in their fifties, my peers, because they come from a world in which they lived and thrived, and because they will find themselves powerless in the face of abuse and abuse about their children by the government.

In the new world the masses will only be able to survive , and as normal as it may be for the new generations, for the previous generations, for my peers, the new world will be an impossible place, because we could never accept certain impositions and not we could never adapt to the new government regime and to the abuse of the institutions.

Many today perceive that we are headed for something very bad, but very few who really understand how bad the current situation is and how bad and dramatic life will be in the world to come. Those who realize they damn their soul in the desperate search for a solution and end up believing in politicians who promise improvements that will never happen. Those who are aware that the solutions will never come from governments hope for the intervention of some extraterrestrial alien force and others hope for the intervention of some celestial divinity. They will all end up very disappointed, because nothing and nobody will come to save them.

The only solution is to go to the world of the elite, the world where it is possible to live in freedom and according to nature and to do it you need to know how the world really works. It may sound strange, but this is what we must be able to do if we want to spare ourselves from the rat race.

The truth will set you free, John said to his apostles. In order to join the club of the free, the wealthy elite, you have to re-educate yourself , replacing the lies with those truths that will allow us to produce maximum human potential , at the level of the elite.

Life is a matter of exchanges. The more value we can give, the more value we can expect in return. Well-being is a matter of capacity for exchanges of value , and the data on the distribution of wealth are nothing more than the index of measurement of the skills of people currently living, in creating well-being, by exchanging value.

Do we want to save ourselves from eternal slavery? Do we want to save our children from a life of misery and hardship? So we have to learn to live at its best to be able to join the super productive elite club , which does not mean going from being victims to being executioners.

In the world to come, things like well-being, prosperity and even love will be a luxury for very few, for Super Humans who will be allowed to live according to nature and in freedom.

I have been part of the government and business elite for nearly twenty years, I know how to get back among these lucky few and I am available to teach it to others.

Best regard,

Gabriele Cripezzi