Why so many small businesses are shutting down?

Small and medium-sized businesses are disappearing because it was decided so. The owners of the multinationals do not want competition and they want more and more human resources to be exploited by compensating them with ever lower wages, to which they offer increasingly precarious jobs.

The state, through governments, does everything to eliminate SMEs, because the state is the multinationals, the Big Corporations. The tax burden is the weapon of the state to eliminate SMEs from the scene. They decapitalize companies to prevent them from developing and growing.

The only way to do business today is to start big, and you can only do it if you know how to exploit the Financial System to maximize the return on investment, while protecting us from taxation, because investors invest only in companies led by entrepreneurs who can do it, OK!

The state, and the whole group made up of banks, mass media, multinationals and big brands, all agree to get SMEs out of the way, because only in this way will they be able to have control over everyone and everything in the world.
They are psychopaths with domination delusions, and knowing how they think is fundamental to being able to protect themselves and to be able to compete against them.

Talking about entrepreneurship without knowing these things leads nowhere but to bankruptcy. So, dear young people, pay attention to who you listen to, because if you listen to self-styled experts who know nothing about these things, not only will you not be able to aspire to success, but you risk making a bad end (interests, debts, reputation, etc.).

If we are small, the strategy to be adopted is to join other small ones, with whom we can start immediately big and strong.
If before we said “union is strength”, now we have to say “only by joining could we continue to exist”.

Gabriele Cripezzi