La Soluzione – Part II

GabrieleCripezzi - La_Soluzione

In essence, salvation lies in joining a community of individuals who significantly contribute to the advancement of humanity. These remarkable contributors are the only ones granted the privilege of true freedom.

Your predicament centers around a lack of freedom, which can only be rectified by disengaging from the world of enslaved masses, a realm devoid of genuine freedom.

These extraordinary individuals, the catalysts of progress, share a common trait: an unwavering passion for humanity’s betterment and advancement. They’ve designed a framework that rewards like-minded individuals—those who prioritize human progress and relish life’s full potential.

Living to the fullest entails harnessing human capabilities to the utmost, giving our best to the world, and reaping life’s richest rewards in return.

Mastery of this System yields substantial financial prosperity, a testament to one’s eligibility for this exclusive community.

The journey requires profound enrichment, both in spirit and wealth, to secure one’s salvation. I stand among the few who understand this path and are willing to guide others.

Economic Abundance: You may have heard the adage, “The rich get richer, and the poor get poorer.” This holds true due to a limited number who comprehend how to navigate the financial realm, progressively multiplying their wealth. The majority remains unaware, suffering under mounting state taxes. Increasing financial struggle and business closures stem from heightened taxation on income and productivity.

Spiritual Enrichment: Spirituality entails knowledge and readiness, enhancing productivity. Economic prosperity and societal value stem from knowledge and readiness, in turn fostering spiritual wealth.

“We are what we believe in” – Giordano Bruno. Belief serves as our internal compass, guiding us toward our objectives. Ultimate contentment—the pursuit of happiness—resides in a level of enduring well-being. Daily motivation hinges on feeling good, driving us to rise and engage. Well-being emanates from accessing essential elements, with money being one such factor. Earning potential is proportionate to readiness, the measure of spiritual richness. Critical to salvation is mastery of the System, the mechanism underpinning existence, of which I’m uniquely qualified to instruct. Among the few possessing comprehensive understanding, I am willing to impart this knowledge, aiding your exploitation of the System.

Life operates via a precise mechanism, constructed and cultivated by humans. Rooted in principles aligning with natural human life, it prioritizes prosperity. While a detailed exploration is unwarranted, this mechanism rewards those striving for prosperity and sidelines those who fail to engage.

The majority’s plight—illness and lack of agency—results from ignorance of the world’s workings, namely the aforementioned mechanism, the System.

The System either rewards or suppresses, contingent on understanding. The veracity of this assertion is evident in wealth distribution trends and societal discontent.

The vast majority of people alive today, they have a life but they don’t know what it means and they’re in a place called the world, which they don’t know how it works. If you don’t thrive, that is, if you don’t get better and better and you aren’t free in the truest sense of the word, then you are part of this majority who are ignorant of the meaning of life and how the world works. This ignorance is the cause of all your problems and the fact that you are up to your neck in quicksand. This ignorance and lack of preparation for how the world works is your condemnation and your children’s condemnation to a life in reserve, under the banner of exploitation, oppression and survival, instead of under the banner of freedom and of prosperity.

Do you want to save yourself? You have to turn that ignorance into preparation. You have to learn how the world really works, in particular how the financial system works, in order to reach that level of economic wealth necessary to become part of the world of the free, who are the ones who don’t care about the Great Reset, on the contrary. those who will benefit a lot from the Great Reset and the crisis that is about to come, an unprecedented crisis, that many people will experience as hell, while others, unfortunately few, will experience as a blessing.

Am I the only one, among the very few who know the details of the crisis that is about to come and the plan for the Great Reset, who is willing to tell others how to use it all to get out of the quicksand of millionaires and who is willing to help him.

The things that need to be known are things that cannot be said publicly, that is, they are things that cannot be placed at everyone’s mercy, because the consequences could be disastrous.

No one, and I mean no one, provides the complete truths about the situation and the vast majority of what is being said is hoaxes that people accept as truth, because people like to feel victimized and like to point fingers at others.

Why are they not giving the complete information? Because complete information concerns subjects and topics on humanities, which if made available to everyone, would cause serious damage, both economically and socially. In other words… people are not supposed to know the truth about who we are, where we come from, where we are going, about the nature of man, etc. People are not supposed to know what world they live in, why the world works the way it does way and what their life really means. This is information that people cannot have, because they would realize that their life has no meaning and has never had a meaning, other than that of being small cogs in a mechanism that is deadly for them, because it is a mechanism that with the over the years it makes the little ones become smaller and smaller, until they are annihilated when they are no longer needed (obsolete), while the big ones are rewarded, making them become bigger and bigger. People, realizing what their life really means, could have a bad reaction, which would result in social and economic destabilization. This is why truths are not told publicly.

Here, the solution to the Great Reset, which is nothing more than a plan to eliminate the small gears that have become too many and which have become a threat to the mechanism itself (therefore to humanity), lies in becoming part of the large gears.

You have to become a System Expert to save yourself from the Great Reset and all it means to the masses, and I’m the only one you can help you become one, because I’m the only one, among the few who know inside out, who is willing to teach it to others who are not yet part of the club.

Where do we start and how does information provision work?

The information is divided into two groups, those that can be accessed for free, by registering on the site, and those for a fee, which I can only provide in person. If you can’t afford the amount I ask, the alternative is group meetings.