Happy with Notihng


Loss of rights – Given that we should not speak of rights but of duties and merits , whoever belongs to mass society is about to lose the opportunity to live freely, according to nature, and according to the meaning of life, which is producing .

Elimination of private property – People belonging to the mass society will be enabled to voluntarily give up their assets and patrimony, as a sign of respect and humanitarian interest.

Death – We are too many, we consume too much and we produce very little. The vast majority of the world population is considered a ballast to the progress of humanity, a ballast to be eliminated, to guarantee the new generations a world in which they can prosper and live according to nature.

We are 7 billion people. Growing at the current rate, the world population would reach 10 billion by 2050. The balance between productivity and consumption will get high, and if that happens, it will be the end of humanity.

Agenda 21 is the world population reduction plan. They want to reach 500,000,000 or so before the end of the 21st century.

 Georgia Guidestones [/ caption]

Elimination of private property – There will be clashes between people and popular uprisings, which will suggest an apocalypse on a global scale. Then normalization, when people will begin to spontaneously give their assets and part of their assets to those who no longer have work and money to support themselves. Those who have and will not share with others will be considered an ignoble and disrespectful person towards humanity, and will be attacked in every way, so that they will not give in and accept, adapting to others. A bit of the same thing that happened recently with masks in public places, and what is happening today against no-vaxes. Terrorism and media violence, to induce the mass to lash out against those who rebel against vaccines and the orders of the master state.