Live to the fullest

Live to the fullest means making the most of human potential (mind), to give the best of us in the world, so as to get the most out of life in return.

What allows man to live to the utmost expression is the very thorough knowledge of the humanities.

In the in-depth knowledge and super preparation in humanities, the secret of the wealthy millionaires is hidden, indeed, of the 1% of the world population who in less than a century has come to own 50% of the total wealth of the Earth.

Economic wealth, that is the amount of the value of material goods, which we can conquer, is the consequence of our ability to make the most of knowledge in humanities. The famous 1% is made up of people who are super good in this sense, people unknown to 99% of the population, whose primary interest is not to control, dominate and possess, but to contribute to the maximum progress and the evolution of man on Earth.