Producing is the meaning of life

All we do, from the morning when we wake up to the evening when we go to bed, is to interact and exchange. By interacting and exchanging, we produce what we need to feel good, that is, well-being.

The things that man needs to feel good can be grouped into two categories: things that can buy with money and those that cannot buy with money.

When we trade for profit, we create an economy, when instead we trade not for profit, we procure spiritual well-being, that is, we procure things that cannot be bought with money, but that make us feel good inside.

The interest in procuring the things we need to feel good, including being useful to others, is what stimulates us to get out of bed in the morning and get busy “every single day”.

Life is a question of exchanges, and whoever exchanges the more value, the better he is and the more he contributes to the well-being of others, both directly and indirectly, that is, creating the conditions for others to do the same.

This is the vicious circle of interactions and exchanges, based on man’s natural interest in producing well-being.

The value of man on Earth is measured on the basis of what he produces, and the amount of freedom of action that is allowed to us is directly proportional to what we produce.

Do you want to be free? You have to produce a lot , otherwise you are forced to live in the mass society, made up of slaves, because in today’s world free people are only those who produce a lot.

There are two worlds, very distant from each other, although on the same planet (Earth). They are the world of the mass and that of the elite. In the first world one survives in conditions of slavery, controlled in all aspects of life, in the second one thrives in complete freedom.

The first world is that of the slave masses, the second that of the wealthy elite.

The data on the distribution of wealth represent, in a nutshell, the concept of the two worlds explained above, and the conditions in which the people who populate them live are proof that in today’s world, things like freedom, prosperity and happiness they are a luxury for the very few, for individuals who are excellent in productivity .

Have you ever heard of popular sovereignty? It is pure illusion. There are two types of rulers in the world, the masters of the world, those who decide for everything and everyone on Earth, and the masters of themselves. You cannot become part of the first, unless you are already part of the Super Scrooge (1% of the world population), but you can become ruler of yourself, and I am the only one willing to tell you how to do it, because at all the others who know how to do it, you and the other 6 billion and a half that make up the mass society, that is the slaves, it does not matter.

We are at the end of a cycle that lasted almost a hundred years, through which billions of men were transformed into slaves, and we are at the beginning of a new phase, which will last another hundred years, through which slaves will be eliminated, because no longer useful, neither as producers nor as consumers. Not only that … all together, the slaves that make up 90% of the world population are considered a ballast to the progress of humanity, a ballast that the masters of the world want to eliminate, to restore the balance between productivity and consumption, a necessary operation. in order to guarantee the new generations a healthy world in which they can thrive in perpetual balance with nature.

This operation is called Agenda 21, a plan coordinated by the United Nations Organization (UN), which has the ultimate goal of reducing the world’s population by a good 90%, by the end of the 21st century.

All this to say that aiming to return sovereign of ourselves, should not be seen only as a moral obligation to a life as free men, sovereign of themselves and who prosper, but rather as a condition sine-qua-non not to be deleted.

In conclusion … We are at the beginning of a transition phase between two eras, which many will experience as a universal flood, while others, a few, will live as a blessing, because as many know, every crisis corresponds to great opportunities for growth and of enrichment.

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