The Solution to the Great Reset

What has been happening since the beginning of 2020, with the excuse of the Corona Virus, a simple seasonal flu passed off as a bubonic plague, is the beginning of the end for many people around the world, condemned to lose all rights, and not only those, according to a plan for restoring the balance between productivity and consumption, called Agenda 21 .

There is only one way to prevent this from happening.

I come from the governmental and business elite, that is, from the agencies in which political and governmental strategies are decided for almost every country in the world, excluding North Korea, Iran and Syria, and from the companies owned by multinationals, on which the economies depend from all countries of the world.

I returned to Italy after twenty years of militancy in these environments, to inform and to help Italians save themselves from ending up with nothing, according to the plan of the ‘Agenda 21 and the New World Order, which together are what many know as the Great Reset.

What you need to know to save yourself from the Great Reset cannot be written or said publicly, which is why those who, after reading the pages of this site (follow the links), are interested in learning more about everything, will have to participate in meetings in person (free but by invitation), behind closed doors, which we periodically organize in Umbria, where I currently live.

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