The System

The System is the mechanism on the basis of which everything in the world works. The life of each of us works according to this mechanism, which means that the System is the world and the world is the System.

Who knows the System produces more and more and contributes more and more to progress, while who

he doesn’t know it, he gets crushed under it, as if by a steamroller.

Many argue, wrongly, that the system is the cause of the malaise suffered by the people, by the mass. It’s not true; the cause of people’s suffering is to be found in the ignorance of too many of the System.

90% of the world population does not know how the system works, they know little or nothing about the system, which is why more and more people, since the beginning of the 90s, in Italy, have gone to get worse and worse, that is, they have had to settle for less and less, despite working more and more.

In short (I provide the details about it verbally during the meetings in person), the Earth bleeds because the vast majority of people do not know what the world is like, and this ignorance allows few here in the world who know how to stay, because they know the System, to take advantage of everyone else.

In less than twenty-five years, in Italy we have gone from working to live, to living to work. The new generations know nothing about how it was in the 70s, 80s and 90s, but whoever is part of my generation, that is, the 60s, knows what I mean.

Before, the income of a single person was enough to raise a family and children, while now many families struggle to make ends meet, even with the income of two people.

We were raised by our mothers and fathers, recent generations, those who in Anglo-Saxon countries call the millennials, were raised by grandparents and by the state (kindergartens and schools).

The world in the last twenty years has gone increasingly to hell for more and more people, but it has gotten better, a lot, for an ever smaller number of people, and this is because the world has become a very difficult place to live. according to the true meaning of life, producing has become an art for very few artists.

Since the beginning of 2020, people have been realizing that something very bad is about to happen, but not even the most discerning know what, exactly. What is about to happen is a system change, which will cause the loss of many rights, if we want to call them that, including the right to work, health and procreation.

WORK Many companies will close , leaving many people without work and without the possibility of earning income. Machines and robots, equipped with artificial intelligence, will take the place of more and more people within companies, both public and private. They call them zombie companies, and they are micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) destined for failure, companies that have their hours counted, as they are no longer able to keep up with the big ones.

HEALTH – Medicine has made great strides in recent decades, but few will benefit from this progress, because people will not be able to afford the costs for treatments, which will no longer be public, but only accessible to the wealthiest.

REPRODUCTION – They don’t want the mass to reproduce. Without going into detail on how they reduce the growth rate, the data indicate that this is what’s happening .

It is not a question of naturalness, but of the commitment of some to ensure that there are fewer and fewer births and always more deaths .

Vaccines, especially that for Covid-19 (a virus created in the laboratory to trigger a health emergency that would then be remedied by means of mass vaccination), are one of the tools at their disposal to reduce more and more births and to eliminate the elderly faster and faster. In fact, the latest vaccines have been created to destroy the reproductive system, especially that of young people.

Moral of the story, the world as we know it is about to end and a new one is about to begin. In the new world, few will be the free who will be able to live according to nature, and these will be the greatest connoisseurs of the System and those who know how to exploit the System to the maximum, to contribute a lot to the progress of humanity.

They are called Super Humans, and they are individuals who know live to the fullest .