Welcome to my personal website…

… created to inform people about what is happening in the world and what is about to happen, information that I have decided to disclose with the hope of being able to help as many people as possible to save themselves from doing the end of the mouse , that is, from losing all rights and spending the rest of the days as slaves, the end to which the masses are destined according to the plans of the New World Order and Agenda 21, which together are what many know as The Great Reset.

There are many things to know, some of which can be destabilizing for many, because they are diametrically opposed to those things that many believe in, which is why I recommend reading only to open-minded people, willing to put everything, or almost everything, back in discussion.

What you will read in the various pages of this site and that I will tell in person to those who want to learn more, are the things that no one says, the truths about how the world works, for real, truths that you need to know to save yourself from becoming the end of the rat, precisely.

The target of people to whom these truths are directed are people with great skills of critical thinking, who love life, who want to live freely and to the utmost expression, men and women who do not want to be held by the balls of “four” mercenaries “in suits, paid to ruin people’s lives.

Those who can understand them and who can benefit from all I have to say are few, but they are enough to solve the most serious problem of the century, the Great Reset. These, when united, can bring important changes to their living conditions, to society and to the country in which they live and, therefore, to the world.

The things you need to know to save yourself are very simple to understand, because in perfect line with the naturalness of man, but they are incomprehensible to many, deceived about the meaning of life and everything related to life.

They are the victims of that thing that many know as the Matrix Effect, from the film of 95 with Keanu Reeves, which is, in truth, a documentary, not a film, which tells, albeit in a science fiction key, modern slavery.

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