Never before have we felt the need to reach very high levels of wealth as today, because we have reached the point where in today’s world only the very rich are happy. Only they are comfortable in this world and only they have the privilege of living life according to nature.

But who are these lucky ones? What allows them to make a lot of money and grow so quickly?

Many mistakenly think that the reason for their socio-economic status, I refer to that portion of the population that owns 90% of the total wealth of the Earth, is the result of illegal and criminal activities, corruption, greed and more. It is not so. The secret of their success lies in knowing how to exploit the System, that is the mechanism on which the life of all men on Earth is based, the mechanism of life.

The system I am referring to is not the institutional one that crushes people more and more, but a higher system that allows man to grow and prosper very quickly, and therefore contribute greatly to the progress of humanity.

I am an expert in that System, one of the very few who know it in depth and in detail, and I returned to Italy, after almost twenty years, to teach it to others, with the hope that together we can solve the socio-economic situation of our country and , why not, help many, all over the world, to save themselves from a sad fate, which is what the masses are doomed to, consequently to the plan for the Great Reset.